Today is Canadian National Day of Service

You’ve caught me with my site down. How embarrassing.

Nevermind. Chances are, you’re on my site today because it’s September 11th and you know that my father – Ken Basnicki – was one of the Canadians who died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

I’d rather you think about something else though. You may or may not know that today is National Day of Service in Canada. What does that mean? It means today is a day for helping others.

It’s also a day to think about the Canadian men and women who perform essential services for us every day of the year. Men and women who choose to put on a uniform and do very difficult jobs that keep us safe. The work these people do is what makes Canada the best place in the world to live

For many, the job comes with an enormous cost: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It shatters the lives of anyone who experiences violence. Trust me, I know.

Today is your opportunity to help our men and women of service suffering from PTSD rebuild their lives.

Please donate to the Canadian National Day of Service Foundation

All money raised by Canadian National Day of Service Foundation in 2015 will be donated to Wounded Warriors Canada in support of their leading mental health programs.

It takes a second to shatter someone’s life forever…
it takes the rest of a lifetime to rebuild it.

Thank you for your support!