817 days…

That’s how long it’s been since I boldly declared I wanted to have a corner of the Internet for myself to write whatever I want, however I want.

I wanted to pick it up again with a moving tale about the glorious battles I’ve fought, victories I’ve won, and why it’s taken 817 days to post again. (Over)Thinking how to write this tale is responsible for 129 of those days. I’m not even going to get into the 688 days.

Sometimes it’s best just to start things, and see where they take you. It’s taken me several years – possibly decades – to learn this. The details aren’t important and, well, 817 days. This is supposed to be “writing for fun”.

(Oh my god, I struggled to write for fun.)

(Also: see, you don’t have to write a tale…you just fucking typed with zero expectations and are walking away with a realization.)

Best to quit while I’m ahead. I know this is a victory, and that’s good enough.

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